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The Rotating Through Dial Strings feature is used in configurations that apply to both legacy dialers and dialer profiles. The dialing order you configure applies to dial strings configured on an interface by the dialer string and dialer mapconfiguration commands. See the documents listed in theRelated Documents section for more information about using these commands to configure dial strings. The dialer order command keywords can be configured on a per-interface basis. You can use this command in interface configurations that apply to both legacy dialers and dialer profiles. Always starts dialing using the dial string that follows the most recently used dial string. If no calls have previously been made, the dialer uses the first dial string. When a call fails, the dialer tries the next dial string until all dial strings have been tried. This keyword allows calls to be shared equally among the configured dial strings. However, if the dial strings are associated with multiple ISDN B channels on the same remote device, a call may be placed to bring up a second B channel without trying to call the number associated with the first B channel.
Calls come in, people rush to answer, more calls come in, everyone’s exhausted and by the end of the day no one can remember why the rush happened. Customers were queuing, angry at the wait. Staff are shattered and know that tomorrow’s going to be the same. Staff absence and attrition rise. Things start to slide and before long it’s become the norm not the exception Understanding your call flow is the most fundamental piece of information you can have. Whilst there are plenty of call-flow and workforce management software packages available, these are probably not required in the first instance. As part of the process, call flow should be mapped and compared to existing staffing levels at any given time of the day.
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